Jean-Marie Londeix saxophonist

As a bird is to flight, Jean-Mare LONDEIX is to saxophone.

Those who know this authentique artist, brilliant virtuoso rich with enthousiasm, imagination and passion, a musician engaged in his art,would not be surprised to know him.

Jean-Maeie LONDEIX is the saxophone:  the same radiance, the same cordial vitality, the same ample abilities of conviction, the same possibilities of spiritualism.

saxophone Though rare, Jean-Marie LONDEIX, applauded in the greatest musical capitols of the world, outside of the beaten path he has premiered over two hundred musical pieces and made a number of recordings.  He has published a score of works, and molded a number of followers.

Flying to the highest artistic summits, Jean-Marie LONDEIX is the one whose name is from now on intimately connected to the actual history of the saxophone called "classical".


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